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Amway Al-Saif Establishment was established in1991 as a small private establishment engaged in the field of leather and textiles used for vehicles upholstery.Later,our establishment 's businesses enlarged where include car parking shades. The latter activity became the main one  of the  establishment with separate commercial registration number(2050031744).Our establishment is highly keen on obserting the local and international applicable laws regulation and standard.

Since the beginning out establishment is giving utmost care for developing its services so as to satisfied its client all over Saudi Arabia whether in the private or in the public sector. This can be summarized as follows:

  • Defining targets of the establishment which included:

                         1-Provision of supreme shades and tents whether during or after fixing.

                         2-Provision of service all over all Saudi Arabia.

                         3-Provision of service all over all Arab gulf area.

                         4-Achieving good profits.

  • Making the general policy and long-term plans as well as preparing detailed executive programs that serve achieving goals of the establishment.

  • In the executive aspect, the establishment could recruit highly qualified and experienced technicians and employees so as to maintain good performance and good relation with customers.

  • Also, in the field of supervision, the establishment prepared supervision programs run by highly qualified and experienced staff. Work in this field include the following:

                          1-Field supervision and immediate instruction.

                          2-Preparing Periodical reports.

                          3-Periodical meeting for assessing, evaluating, analyzing and exchange of views.

In addition to reward and punishment system.

through these targets and policies our establishment could make a reputation and goodwill in the market of shades  inside and outside Saudi Arabia though of the fierce competition of old and new companies with supreme performance, high standards and specification, accuracy as well as after-installation Services. Our dealings are large where included government sector, Private companies and individuals. The following are some of our customers:

Saudi Aramco

Abdullatif Jameel (Toyota agent in Saudi Arabia)

Governmental commission of the eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Jubail & Yanbu Royal Commission

Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

Green Top Company

Al-Zumai Company

Al-Mishal Company

King Fahad Educational Hospital, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Al-Muwasat Hospital, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Our establishment got many latter of acknowledgement from many of our customers.

Our establishment is realizing its goal with steady steps according to laid policies. We shall open Amwaj Al-Saif Shade & Tent Factory in the next year. This factory will enable us of promoting our performance, minimizing cost and rapid execution.

After the said goals in Saudi Arabia, Our management is planning ahead to move to other countries of the Arab Gulf as per plans and polices laid.

Abdullah S. Al-Mulhim



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